Welcome to my website

I am bass player, composer and producer Michael J Bolton. Come in and have a look around, there’s an array of content. My upcoming album titled “Earthrise” is very close to completion after 2 years in production.

A fusion of progressive music and jazz rock with a heavy 70s influence featuring some fantastically talented musicians including guitarist Mike Walker & Neil Yates on trumpet/flugel horn.

Production has now started on exciting videos to accompany the music using original NASA footage of the Apollo project. The first video is now available to watch here.

The challenge was set down by President John F Kennedy on May 25th 1961, “To land men on the Moon and return them safely back to Earth by the end of the decade”
On the 20th July 1969 this became a reality!

I have selected and personally custom edited the footage to match the music as closely as possible to add a visual narrative to the already descriptive and evocative Jazz Fusion soundtrack.

The album will be available to buy soon on Bandcamp. There is much more about Earthrise on the Earthrise page.